Second Review Meet of State Directors for RSETIs

The 2nd round of Review Meet of the State Directors for RSETIs was held on 3.8.2013 at RUDSETI, Ghaziabad. Involving all the newly appointed SDRs and providing them a platform to appreciate and understand the practical experiences of the senior SDRs was the highlight of the Review Meet. During the Review Meet, NDR explained in detail the rationale behind the initiatives of MoRD in grading all the RSETIs under two categories. He further explained the expectations of MoRD in taking the RSETI movement forward.

Later, the NDR made a thorough review of the performance of each SDR and gave suggestions to bring in further improvements in the functioning of the RSETIs. All the SDRs were advised by the NDR to leave no stone unturned in addressing the gaps in the functioning of each RSETI in their command area and ensure that all the RSETIs are brought on par with the best performing RUDSETI in the country.

Further, all the senior SDRs were provided an opportunity to share their experiences which was indeed a very good learning experience for all the new SDRs. The review meet was quite a successful event.