Conclave of RSETI Directors of UCO Bank – A Brief Report


A 2-day Conclave of RSETI Directors of UCO Bank was held on 15TH and 16th March 2012 at the Staff Training College of UCO Bank at Kolkata. The programme was inaugurated by Smt. Renuka Kumar, Dy Secretary, MoRD, GOI. Smt Renuka Kumar, in her inaugural address expressed happiness that the Bank has taken the initiative of opening all the RSETIs in the Lead Bank responsibilities given by SLBC. Continuing her address, she outlined the mega plan of MoRD in addressing the unemployment problem of the country through RSETI intervention. It is a matter of pride that the Banks have evinced keen interest in opening RSETIs across the country. Being lead by Banks, the RSETIs will not only produce quality results but will also help in credit linking the RSETI trained candidates which help them establishing their enterprise, she said.

Sri C Ramakrishna, Dy General Manager of the Bank, in his keynote address gave an overall picture about the initiatives of the Bank in the field of rural development. As a part of the initiative, he said the Bank has opened 26 RSETIs in all the Lead Districts allotted by the SLBC. While appreciating the concept of organizing such Conclaves he thanked the MORD officials for their initiative in addressing the unemployment problem in the country. He assured that the outcome of the Conclave in the form of suggestions/directions both from Ministry and the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs for furthering the cause of RSETI movement will be taken in right spirit and the same will be implemented in its totality so that the objective of the Conclave will be met.

Sri. K.N. Janardhana, National Director for RSETIs, NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs , gave a brief overview of the Conclave and requested the Bank officials and the Directors to receive the inputs with all its seriousness so that the RSETI, a concept replicated from the successful RUDSETI model can be a boon to the unemployed youth in the country. Sri Laxmi Kant Panda, Dy General Manager & Principal, Staff Training College, UCO Bank also shared the importance of involvement of the Directors in the training process and requested each one to rise to the expectations of MORD.

Thereafter, Smt Renuka Kumar, Dy Secretary, MoRD made a presentation on the expectations from the Ministry in taking the RSETI movement on the lines of RUDSETI model based on which RSETIs have been replicated. She also requested the Bank executives to provide all support to the RSETIs so that the Directors can play a pivotal role in addressing the unemployment problem.

This was followed by a Micro Lab exercise administered to the participants by Sri N R Srinivasa Murthy, Director, NAR.

After the lunch break, Sri S Chandrashekaran, Executive Director and Sri Uma Kant Mishra, General Manager of the Bank interacted with the RSETI Directors and took stock of the situation. Lauding the efforts of MoRD and the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs in organising the Conclave, Sri Chandrashekar said the Bank is ready to walk an extra mile to fulfil the guidelines of MORD in taking RSETIs to newer heights. Sri. Uma Kant Mishra, General Manager, interacting with the participants, assured MORD that all the guidelines will be put to practice in the shortest possible time and requested directors to discharge their duties with devotion and sincerity. He categorically assured all RSETI Directors that all their financial requirements will be met by the bank.

Thereafter Sri N R Srinivasa Murthy, Director NAR continued his sessions on topics like Motivation – why and how?, Identification of Training needs, Methods of generation of applications, Selection of candidates for trainings Methodology of organizing entrepreneurship awareness / motivation camps etc. All these sessions were well received by the participants.

The 2nd day of the Conclave started with a prayer followed by presentation of MILLY by few Directors. Thereafter Sri K N Janardhana presented a paper on ‘Journey from RUDSETI to RSETI’ and briefed the participants about the MoRD guidelines in running the RSETIs successfully. In his presentation Sri Janardhana highlighted the role of sponsoring banks in providing requisite support to the RSETIs which will go a long way in meeting the objectives and philosophy of MORD, GOI. Sri Janardhana also assured all the Directors and the Bank executives present in the Conclave that the Monitoring Cell is ready to walk an extra mile with them in accomplishing the objectives of MORD in propagating RSETIs in the country.

After the Tea break, Sri O N Bansal, Project Director for RSETIs, NIRD, Hyderabad, interacted with the RSETI Directors on the issues pertaining to allotment of land and progress under construction of new campuses. Sri Bansal heard their problems in the area of allotment of land / construction of building and assured that NIRD will sincerely attempt to address all their issues.

Thereafter, the review of the performance of the RSETIs was taken up by Sri K N Janardhana in the presence of Bank’s executives. All the Directors made individual presentation highlighting the Training Programs organized by them till January/February 2012 bringing out SWOT of both the Director and the RSETI.

The Conclave concluded with valedictory address by Sri Uma Kant Mishra, General Manager, through Video Conference. In his valedictory address he lauded the RUDSETI concept that began way back in 1982 and advised all the RSETI Directors to internalize this concept so that better results can be delivered. The success or otherwise of a RSETI is fully in the hands of Director and hence he requested each one of them to be more devoted to the noble assignment of training the unemployed youth in taking up self-employment ventures.