Review Meet of State Directors for RSETIs

In terms of the directions of Dr D Veerendra Heggade, President, National Advisory Council for RSETIs and the Ministry of Rural Development, a Review Meet of the State Directors for RSETIs was held for two days on 2nd and 3rd March 2013 at RUDSETI, Ghaziabad.

During the Review Meet, the review of the performance of each SDR was taken up by NDR. SDRs were requested to present the improvements brought in the functioning of each RSETI in their command area through their intervention. A detailed report containing the tentative grading on each RSETI carried out by the SDRs on individual RSETIs as on 31.1.2013 was presented by all the SDRs and the National Director for RSETIs thoroughly reviewed the same and explained in detail the expectations of MoRD in converting the RSETIs into best performing RUDSETI in the country with the intervention of SDRs.

On the 2nd day of the Review Meet, Smt Renuka kumar, Dy Secretary, MoRD participated and reviewed the performance of all the SDRs. The SDRs, in the presence of Smt Renuka Kumar made individual power point presentations on the status of each RSETI in their command areas based on the tentative grading carried out by them as on 31.1.2013. Explaining in detail the improvements brought about in the functioning of RSETIs through their intervention, the SDRs presented the tentative grades secured by each RSETI in their command areas vis-a-vis the grade secured by the Institute in the previous grading. Smt Renuka Kumar, DS and Sri K N Janardhan, NDR reviewed the performance of each RSETI and advised the SDRs to ensure that their intervention should bring in quality results in the functioning of the RSETIs. Highlighting the initiatives of MoRD, Smt Renuka Kumar said that credit linking the trainees after the training is of utmost importance and advised the SDRs to focus more attention in this area. Further, the Dy Secretary advised the SDRs to give priority to the RSETIs who are in 'B' grade so that there is a higher possibility of upgrading them to 'A+'/ 'A' grade by 31.3.2013. She also expressed concern on the States which are yet to be represented by SDRs and hoped that the SDRs in such States will be put on board soon. However, since all the RSETIs are required to be graded as on 31.3.2013, Smt Renuka Kumar requested the SDRs to take the responsibility of grading the RSETIs in their neighbouring States which are yet to be represented by SDRs so that the exercise of grading as on 31.3.2013 can be more authentic.

Thereafter, Sri Srinivas Shenoy, Proprietor, Credo Infotech Limited. who has developed MIS software made a detailed presentation about the MIS and explained as to how the MIS software would help the MoRD and the sponsoring Banks to monitor the performance of each RSETI. Highlighting that the MIS software would serve as an effective decision support tool to various stake holders, he said that the software is not only cost effective but will also have the compatibility to generate multiple reports as per the requirements of MoRD, sponsor banks, NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs and National Academy of RUDSETI. Sri Shenoy, demonstrated as to how the individual RSETI should key in the data in the MIS and requested the SDRs to suitably guide the RSETIs so that the requisite data is keyed in and uploaded at the RSETI level without any difficulty.

The Review Meet was also attended by Sri H Somashekar, Director General, National Academy of RUDSETI. In his address to the SDRs, Sri Somashekar explained in detail the initiatives of NAR in training the RSETI Directors and also in organizing Appreciation Workshops for the stake holders of RSETI movement in a few States. While appreciating the role of SDRs in deputing the Directors for TTP at NAR which is very crucial in the effective functioning of the Institutes, Sri Somashekar informed that more States are yet to come forward to organize Appreciation Workshops and requested the SDRs of such States to take all the required initiatives to see that the Appreciation Workshop is held at the earliest. He also complimented such SDRs who were actively involved in organizing Appreciation Workshops in their respective States. Replying to the query by some of the SDRs that the Banks are following different procedures for recruiting the Faculty and Office Assistants, Sri Somashekar said that in order to bring uniformity in the recruitment of Faculty and Office Assistants, a comprehensive HR policy has to be put in place and assured that NAR will strive to work towards this area.

The review meet was quite a successful event. The meet enabled each SDR to cross learn the best practices adopted by other SDRs so as to bring in desired improvement in their functioning. All the SDRs suggested to have such review meets of SDRs at half yearly intervals.