Conclave of RSETI Directors of Central Bank of India – A Brief Report


A Conclave for the Directors of RSETIs sponsored by Central Bank of India was organized for 2 days from 6th to 7th February 2012 at Mumbai.

The programme was inaugurated by Smt.Renuka Kumar, Dy Secretary, MoRD, GOI and Sri R Govind, Principal, SBPT College, Mumbai presided over the function. Also present in the function were Sri.A.P.Dwivedi, CEO, Society for RSETIs & FLCC, Central Bank of India who delivered the key note address, Sri K Achari, AGM, Central Bank of India and Sri.K.N.Janardhana, Chief Project Co-ordinator from NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs , Bangalore.

In her inaugural address Smt Renuka Kumar dealt at length about the importance of addressing the unemployment problem in the country. Though our country is rapidly moving towards technological innovations, rural unemployment is still a cause for concern and in this direction, RSETIs have a very significant role to play, she said.

In his key note address Sri Dwivedi spoke about the initiatives of the Bank in the field of Rural Development and the future plans of the Bank in the area of Rural Entrepreneurship. With this in mind, he said the bank has taken the initiative in opening 49 RSETIs across the country. While appreciating the concept of organizing such Conclaves he thanked the MORD officials for their initiative in addressing the unemployment problem in the country. He assured that the outcome of the Conclave in the form of suggestions/directions both from Ministry and the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs for furthering the cause of RSETI movement will be taken with right spirit and the same will be implemented in its totality so that the objective of the Conclave will be met.

Sri Janardhana, NDR gave a brief overview of the Conclave and requested the Bank officials and the Directors to receive the inputs with all its seriousness so that the RSETI, a concept replicated from the successful RUDSETI model can be a boon to the unemployed youth in the country.

In his presidential address Sri R Govind, Principal, SBPT College, Mumbai spoke about the declining GDP growth of the country which is mainly because of the decrease in productivity. In this direction, the unemployed youth of our country have a lot to contribute by taking up self employment ventures, he remarked.

After the inaugural address, Smt Renuka Kumar presented a paper on the expectations from the Ministry in generating more and more self-employed youth through the intervention by RSETIs. She emphasized the fact that the objective of the Ministry in setting up one RESETI in each District of the country could be well achieved if all the RSETI Directors and the sponsoring Banks together with DRDA officials work towards the philosophy with which the RSETIs have been set up.

Thereafter, Sri N R Srinivasa Murthy, Director, NAR administered Micro Lab, an exercise to unfreeze the participants of their inhibitions. After the lunch break, Sri K N Janardhana presented a paper on ‘Journey from RUDSETI to RSETI’ and briefed the participants about the MoRD guidelines in running the RSETIs successfully. He was successful in driving home the point on all aspects of RSETI functioning and clarified the doubts the Directors had in their mind. This was followed by various sessions by Sri.N.R.Srinivasa Murthy on topics like Motivation – why and how?, Identification of Training needs, Methods of generation of applications, Selection of candidates for trainings Methodology of organizing entrepreneurship awareness / motivation camps etc. All these sessions were well received by the participants.

The 2nd day of the Conclave started with a prayer followed by presentation of MILLY by few Directors. This was followed by an interaction by Sri O N Bansal, Project Director for RSETIs, NIRD, Hyderabad, wherein the issues pertaining to allotment of land and progress under construction of new campuses were discussed.

Thereafter, a thorough review of the performance of the RSETIs was taken up by Sri.K.N.Janardhana in the presence of the executives of the Bank. All the Directors were asked to make a presentation about the performance of their respective RSETI together with a SWOT of both the Director and the RSETI. During the review, Sri Janardhana identified the lapses in the functioning of the RSETIs in various parameters and suggested measures to improve the performance of the Institutes.