Conclave of RSETI Directors of Andhra Bank – A Brief Report


A 2-day Conclave of RSETI Directors of Andhra Bank was held on 28th and 29th May 2012 at Andhra Bank Apex College, Hyderabad.

To begin with, Sri V B Bhagavathi, Dy General Manager, Andhra Bank welcomed the dignitaries and gave a over view of the initiatives taken by the Bank in the area of RSETI movement.

Sri Narendranath Reddy, General Manager, Andhra Bank inaugurated the programme. In his inaugural address, Sri Reddy informed that Andhra Bank, after studying the RUDSETI model way back in 1989 decided to establish one such Institute at Rajhamuandry in Andhra Pradesh. Thereafter, he said the Bank started opening few more such Institutes in their Lead Districts and finally when MoRD directed all the Banks to open one RSETI in each of the Lead Districts, they completed opening RSETIs in all the Lead Districts and at present they have 11 RSETIs in the country. Continuing his inaugural address, he touched upon various issues involving Indian economy and emphasized on the importance of Agrarian economy also. He also touched upon the mounting pressure on the available land in rural areas which is the main reason for migration of the unemployed youth to towns and cities which has resulted in disguised unemployment. The interventions by the RSETIs to these unemployed youth to take up self employment has come as a boon and hence called upon the RSETI Directors to focus on creating employment opportunities in the rural areas so that migration of the youth from rural areas to urban centres can be arrested.

Sri Girish Pandey, General Manager, State Bank of India evinced keen interest in participation in the inaugural session of the Conclave so as to understand as to how the Conclave has to be organized by them in future as SBI is planning the Conclave of their RSETIs shortly. Speaking at the inaugural function, he called upon the RSETI Directors to work with professional zeal and commitment so that the objectives of the Government of India in addressing the unemployment problem can be achieved.

Thereafter Sri K.N. Janardhana, Chief Project Co-ordinator, NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs , National Academy of RUDSETI gave a brief overview of the Conclave and requested the Bank officials and the Directors to receive the inputs with all its seriousness so that the RSETI, a concept replicated from the successful RUDSETI model can be a boon to the unemployed youth in the country. He also spoke about the initiative of MoRD for Grading of RSETIs to bring in a spirit of healthy competition among various RSETIs. He also touched upon the introduction of uniform MIS for the RSETIs. He appreciated the initiative taken up by Andhra Bank in advising all branches to sponsor at least 5 candidates in a year for training at RSETIs which is worthy of emulation by other Banks.

Continuing his address, Sri K N Janardhana spoke on the role and expectation of MoRD and the purpose of holding the Conclave of Directors of RSETIs sponsored by various Banks. He stated that the rate of settlement of trainees is the measure of success of the Institute and that very fact that the PMO reviews the performance of these RSETIs at quarterly intervals itself is a testimony to the importance attached by the Government of India for RSETI movement.

This was followed by a Micro Lab exercise administered to the participants by Sri K N Janardhana to unfreeze the participants of their inhibitions. After the lunch break, Sri K N Janardhana, NDR took a session on ‘Journey from RUDSETI to RSETI’ wherein he briefed the participants about the MoRD guidelines in running the RSETIs successfully. In his presentation Sri K N Janardhana highlighted the role of sponsoring banks in providing requisite support to the RSETIs which will go a long way in meeting the objectives and philosophy of MORD, GOI. Sri K N Janardhana also assured all the participants present in the Conclave that the Monitoring Cell is ready to walk an extra mile with them in accomplishing the objectives of MoRD in propagating RSETIs in the country.

The 2nd day of the Conclave started with a prayer followed by presentation of MILLY by a few Directors. Thereafter, the review of the performance of the RSETIs was taken up by Sri K N Janardhana in the presence of Bank’s executives. All the Directors made individual presentation highlighting the Training Programs organized by them till March 2012 and the same were reviewed thoroughly bringing out a SWOT of both the Director and the RSETI.

Thereafter, Sri Srinivas Murthy, Director, NAR continued the sessions on topics like Motivation – why and how?, Identification of Training needs, Methods of generation of applications, Selection of candidates for trainings, Methodology of organizing entrepreneurship awareness / motivation camps etc. This helped the participants to understand the concept of RUDSETI in a better way. This was followed by an interactive session by Sri O N Bansal, Project Director for RSETIs, NIRD,Hyderabad, wherein the issues pertaining to allotment of land and progress under construction of new campuses were discussed. Sri Bansal interacted individually with all the Directors and heard their problems in the area of allotment of land / construction of building and assured that NIRD will sincerely attempt to address all their issues relating to allotment of land and construction of building at the earliest. Three successful entrepreneurs trained by the RSETI Machalipatnam shared their experience and narrated as to how the training intervention helped them in becoming successful in their lives. This was well received by the participants. It is worth mentioning that the General Manager Sri Reddy and other executives of the Bank were present during the experience sharing by the successful entrepreneurs.

The valedictory function was graced by Sri.Narendranath Reddy, General Manager. Few Directors gave the feedback about the inputs they received from the officials from NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs and NAR and felt that these inputs helped them in a big way in effectively discharging their duties in their RSETIs. In his valedictory address Sri Reddy lauded the RUDSETI concept that began way back in 1982 in addressing the unemployment problem of the country. Outlining the role of Directors at RSETIs, Sri Reddy advised them to feel proud of their assignment because their efforts will help the country in mitigating the problems of the unemployed youth. He assured that Bank is committed to address the gaps identified in the Conclave by Monitoring Cell, NAR so that RSETIs sponsored by their Bank will become vibrant and function on the lines expected of MoRD.