Conclave of Directors of RSETIs Sponsored by SyndicateBank

A two-day Conclave of Directors of RSETIs sponsored by SyndicateBank was organized on 4th and 5th December 2015 at Hotel Crocus, Bengaluru.

The conclave was inaugurated by Sri Arun Shrivastava, MD & CEO, SyndicateBank in the presence of Sri M Mohan Reddy, GM, PSCD, Sri K N Janardhana, NDR, NACER, Sri B R Hiremath, AGM, PSCD, Sri M K Preetam Lal, Advisor and officials from SyndicateBank and NACER.

Sri Arun Shrivastava felicitated Sri Sudeep, a successful entrepreneur trained by SyndRSETI, Manipal and Sri Vivekananda, a successful entrepreneur trained by SyndRSETI, Belgaum. Sri Arun Shrivastava also felicitated SyndRSETIs Meerut, Kollam and Kadapa for their overall performance during the FY 2013-14.

Sri Srinivas Shenoy, CEO, M/s. Credo Infotech explained the RSETI Directors about the important features of MIS Software and also on the monitoring of the performance of each RSETI through the MIS by MoRD.

Sri K N Janardhana, NDR reviewed the performance of individual RSETIs.

Fifteen RSETI Directors participated in the conclave.