Conclave of RSETI Directors of State Bank of India : LHO, New Delhi - A Brief Report

A two-day conclave of the Directors of RSETIs coming under Local Head Offices of New Delhi, Chandigarh and Lucknow of State Bank of India was organized on 27thand 28thJanuary, 2014 at State Bank Learning Centre, Noida.

The Conclave was inaugurated by Sri S Ganesan, Dy General Manager, Corporate Centre, Mumbai in the presence of Sri S C Jatav, DGM (ABU), New Delhi LHO, Sri K N Janardhana, National Director for RSETIs, NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs , Sri O N Bansal, Project Director, NIRD, Sri D P Pande, AGM, New Delhi LHO, Sri D K Gupta, AGM, Chandigarh LHO and other officials from State Bank of India.

On the second day of the Conclave, Smt Renuka Kumar, Dy Secretary, MoRD explained the expectations of MoRD and appealed to Directors to evince keen interest in providing excellent training inputs to trainees so that they can stand on their own legs.

Twenty three RSETI Directors and Twenty three LDMs from SBI LHO Delhi, Chandigarh and Lucknow participated in the Conclave.