Conclave of RSETI Directors of Jammu and Kashmir Bank - A Brief Report

A two-day Conclave of the Directors of RSETIs sponsored by Jammu and Kashmir Bank was organized on 27th and 28th June 2014 at the conference hall of Jammu & Kashmir Bank Corporate Headquarters, Srinagar.

The Conclave was inaugurated by Sri Mushtaq Ahmad, Chairman and CEO, J & K Bank in the presence of Sheikh Mushtaq Ahmad, IAS, Commissioner Secretary, J & K Government Rural Development Department, Smt Renuka Kumar, Director, MoRD, Smt Yogita Rana, IAS, State Representative NRLM and Sri K N Janardhana, Chief Project Co-ordinator, NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE OF RSETIs , Sri Mohammad Amin Mir, Sri S K Bhat and Sri P K Tickoo, Presidents, Sri A K Pandita, Vice President, J & K Bank and other officials from J & K Bank.

Speaking about the significance of RSETIs in the development of the societies, Sri Mushtaq Ahmad said, "For inclusive growth, we must take care of whole society and RSETI movement can prove to be a driving force in progression towards comprehensive socio-economic development".

Twelve RSETI Directors from Jammu & Kashmir Bank participated in the Conclave.