Conclave of Directors of RSETIs Sponsored by Bank of Baroda

A two-day Conclave of Directors of RSETIs sponsored by Bank of Baroda was organized on 26th and 27th October 2015 at Bank of Baroda Apex Academy, Ahmedabad.

The conclave was inaugurated by Sri T C Nautiyal, Dy. Secretary, MoRD, GOI in the presence of Sri K N Janardhana, NDR, NACER, Sri V Murugan, DGM, Sri D S Mishra, Principal and DGM, and Sri V K Kalkundri, Director, NACER.

Sri R K Mathur, Vice President, BSVS and GM (R & AB and CSR) addressed the participants through video conference.

Sri Mathur exhorted the Directors that their role is very important in ensuring that the RSETI functions as a resource centre for the development of the area. The centre should interact with various Government Departments and maintain both demographic as well as geographic database of the area so that it will help them in identifying the right kind of activities while preparing training calendar.

Later, Sri K N Janardhana and Sri V K Kalkundri from NACER reviewed the performance of individual RSETIs. Sri O N Bansal, PD, NIRD joined the Conclave on the second day and reviewed RSETI-wise status of allotment of land, possession taken, release of MoRD grant and construction of premises for RSETIs.

Forty-six RSETI Directors participated in the conclave.